Dear Valued Customer,

In 1959 Bruce McCauley, Alan Whipp and myself sat down with a simple idea - that dependable service, quality products and a “let us help you” attitude would be a great foundation on which to build a company. This philosophy has allowed us to grow from our modest beginnings in my garage to the company you see before you today.

Our modern manufacturing facility is home to many familiar faces, the majority of whom have been with us for more than 20 years. The skill level of this talent pool is represented in the products we deliver, the ability to create the seemingly impossible, and is the basis of our “let us help you” commitment. The majority of our products have been designed to offer next day turn-around and even in recessionary times, our inventory levels were maintained to provide the service levels you demand.

We started this company at a time when a man’s word and a firm handshake were the foundation of most business deals. I believe this is still true today, and give you my word, that all of our employees will do whatever they can to help you - our customer.

Yours very truly,

Jack Phillips

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